Sunday, July 26, 2009

i am grateful for...

1. ANA'S HOME - LOVE!!!!
2. overeating at yum cha lunch with my lovely friend phi at east ocean.
dumplings = little packages of orgasmic lusciousness
3. saturday morning life drawing class at the brett whiteley studio with my beloved barbs and sares
4. the fattest and luscious cherries given to me by my beautiful mama
5. endless supplies of red skins in the office
6. secret wine bar at cafe nikki
7. lush duck fettuccine, spicy sausage polenta, chicken pesto risotto and tiramisu at il baretto
8. sunday yum cha brunch, again at east ocean, with the extended fam - timmy, skye and dr schedlich
9. divine caramel pecan tart from random cafe in botany
10. peppermint tea, grapes and the ever so patient ears of miss charlotte
11. honesty, thai food, hollywood and good times with mr kerr
12.hang-over free weekend
13. adding more fun, fabulous and potentially very daggy songs to the set list for me and alice's dj set at st jeromes which may never happen

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