Sunday, October 11, 2009


things that made/makes me happy...11 october 2009

1. brunch at deli bottega glenayr ave bondi with mares - portuguese sardines and scrambled eggs/smoked tuna omelet - OMG!
2. new wants: karen walker pilgrim sunnies AND karen walker annie sunnies - LOVE!
3. discovering the brilliance of the do - thanks arnold!

4. the cutest stockings worn by tennessee thomas from the like:
source: garance dore
5. cocktails and jugs at the winery with taz and charl.
6. more beautiful photos from ginny branch's wedding:

source: josh goleman and my favourite color is shiny

7. luscious authentic shanghai dumplings given to me by my lovely big sister helen.
8. quiet sessions of messy charcoal drawings on cold sunny sunday afternoons in the backyard.

Monday, October 5, 2009

the most gorgeous wedding ever...

discovery from a rainy sunday afternoon whilst in bed with my books, a pot of peppermint tea and the laptop:

it is the wedding of one of my favourite bloggers ginny branch and her husband, aside from my mama - i think she is the most lovely bride ever.

Source: josh goleman and my favourite color is shiny

i am back!

(from the last two months) i am grateful for...

1. starting ballroom dancing lessons with mama's dance teacher stephen - loving it so far despite a random hip injury.
2. bittersweet goodbyes for caz caz and olah for the amazing new york city: 3. in awe after seeing phonix- definately top 5 gigs of all time: 4. saying goodbye to my beloved ana:

5. big sister moving back to sydney whooooooooooooooooooooooo.
6. discovering the amazingness of non la vietnamese in surry hills.
7. excursion to the aquarium with the besties:

8. seafood ceviche salad at monkey magic, surry hills.
9. lychee martinis at pocket, darlinghurst.
10. my favourite twins turning 28: 11. anna's birthday dinner at spice temple:
12. sare's fantastic costume at ana's 90210 party - i think she would be the only person that would still look good in bad 90s gear- looooooove you!
13. the debut of my 1950s cocktail hat at phi's house party:
14. discovering inappropriate sources of distraction in the work place...
15. lost valentinos cities of gold album launch- congratulations pattus - so proud!

16. sweet tooth obsession - black bum cupcakes from alice and gertrude:17. warm sunny spring sundays in bondi: brunch+walk+market= perfect day.
18. rediscovering my love for portishead:
19. amazing mooncakes given to me by mama for moon cake festival.
20. moon cake festival family feast.
21. wardrobe enemas.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i am grateful for...

1. ANA'S HOME - LOVE!!!!
2. overeating at yum cha lunch with my lovely friend phi at east ocean.
dumplings = little packages of orgasmic lusciousness
3. saturday morning life drawing class at the brett whiteley studio with my beloved barbs and sares
4. the fattest and luscious cherries given to me by my beautiful mama
5. endless supplies of red skins in the office
6. secret wine bar at cafe nikki
7. lush duck fettuccine, spicy sausage polenta, chicken pesto risotto and tiramisu at il baretto
8. sunday yum cha brunch, again at east ocean, with the extended fam - timmy, skye and dr schedlich
9. divine caramel pecan tart from random cafe in botany
10. peppermint tea, grapes and the ever so patient ears of miss charlotte
11. honesty, thai food, hollywood and good times with mr kerr
12.hang-over free weekend
13. adding more fun, fabulous and potentially very daggy songs to the set list for me and alice's dj set at st jeromes which may never happen

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i miss them...

i wonder how they are and whether if i will ever see them again...the idea of never seeing them again makes my heart stop...

i love them so much.

i miss them.
mariano 2007ignacio 2007
lupe and eugenia 2007

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Monday, July 20, 2009

this week i am grateful for...

1. my gorgeous sister’s 29th birthday
2. my lovely bestie's bday (who has left me for three weeks and is living like a rockstar in europe)
3. dinner party farewelling my beautiful friend rosie
4. hanging out with mama on a friday night playing dress ups and watching ‘so you think you can dance’
5. ginger tea made by mama which has instantaneously cured my annoying cough
6. fun times for alex’s birthday = wagaya+too much sake+keg of beer+ too much wine+awesome garfield cake+garfield cake fight+popping sare’s karaoke cherry+crazy karaoke to daggy but oh-so-fun pop songs +uncoordinated dancing to old school hip hop+pie face = yeeeeeees (thanks phi for the piccies! you rock- i love you!)
7. compiling the set list for my dj set with alice which may never happen at the amazing and fabulous dive bar st jeromes nyc
8. beautiful cold sunny days for both saturday AND sunday
9. trashy romance novels (judith mcnaught i love you)
10. trashy tv (true beauty - so shameful but soooooooo addictive!)
11. making fresh juice with orange, apple and strawberries
12. brunch with some of my beloved extended fam skye, timmy and charl at toast cafe surry hills
13. craiglist buenos aires
14. carrot cupcake from the cupcake bakery
15. beautiful 70s blouse which i have adopted from mama's wardrobe

Monday, June 8, 2009