Thursday, April 30, 2009

today's obsession - ballerinas

no art

photo: cara stricker

no art tonight at the hoey - as always, it should be a brilliant show.

so proud of you baby girl!

check them out here:


things that annoy me part #1

in no particular order...
toilet seat up
noisy chewers = people who chew with their mouth open
tangled electrical cords
double dipping
paris hilton aka the greatest insult to the female gender

things that made me smile today

rain dance
drunken promises
'cheeky' ballerinas
dancing tree

how does one make a snow angel?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today's obsession - tights, stockings, tights, stockings, tights!

i wish...

It has been exactly four weeks today.

Why do I not feel any better?

I have forgotten how much it can hurt - it has been a fair amount of time since I have felt this way.

I resent the fact that you have so much power over me.

I resent myself for feeling this way.

I resent the fact that you have done nothing wrong.

I resent the fact that I still think you are wonderful.

I resent the fact that, despite all, I could still be happy when I am around you.

I wish I had learnt.

I wish I could be stronger.

I wish for an off-switch for emotions.

I wish I could just feel nothing.

I wish I could just leave now.

I wish.

things that i love...part #1

snow angels
edgar degas
luella bartley
colourful balloons
the spanish language and the countries that speaks the spanish language
singing badly and obnoxiously in the shower
new york
dark chocolate (min. 75% cocoa)